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Welcome to Chateau

Čechy pod Kosířem


full, discount, family

90,-  65,-  250,-

Opening hours

Weekends, public holidays (Apr., Oct.)
9 am - 4 pm
Tues. - Sun., public holidays (May - Sept.)
9 am - 17 pm
(last admission one hour before closing time)

Contact information

Zámek Čechy pod Kosířem
Mánesova 1, 798 58 Čechy pod Kosířem
mob. 773 784 110 (tue - sun 9am - 4pm)

~ Chateau ~
Čechy pod Kosířem

Classicist chateau surrounded by a landscaped park with an area of 21.5 hectares, which is one of the most valuable objects of historical greenery in Moravia, is linked with the aristocratic Silva-Tarouca. Art-loving friend of the count's family was a famous Czech painter Josef Manes, who Čechy pod Kosířem regularly visited and worked here from 1849 to 1870.

The Chateau was opened to the public in April 2, 2016 at 9:00!

Guided tour


The Chateau

Visitors shall look into the interior of the southern wing of the chateau furnished in the style of the period of Franz Joseph II.Silva Taroucy at the turn of the 20th century and decorated by the works by Josef Mánes.

the tour takes about 45 minutes

price 90,- / 65,- / 250,- (full, discount, family)

The History of the Chateau

3D tour of the Chateu


The Chateau Park

A guided tour of the park and the buildings that are in it including the so-called Red Tower. (only if weather permits)

the tour takes about 45 minutes

price 70,- / 45,- / 185,- (full, discount, family)

The history of the park

3D tour of the park


An exhibition on the films by Jan and Zdeňek Svěrák

An individual exhibition focusing on the work of the father and son team, the Svěráks (films: The Elementary School, Kolya, Dark Blue World, Empties, Kooky, Three Brothers).

the tour takes about 45 minutes

price 50,- / 30,- / 130,- (full, discount, family)

further information about exhibition


Exposition of historical bicycles

An individual exhibition of a unique collection of historical bicycles from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.

the tour takes about 30 minutes

price 40,- / 25,- / 110,- (full, discount, family)


Drawings of Josef Mánes

An individual exhibition of drawings of Josef Mánes connected with the Chateau Čechy pod Kosířem

the tour takes about 20 minutes

price: free

further information about Josef Mánes

The owner of the chateau complex in the Olomouc region.

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